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Parents always seek for a cure for their ADD kids. As a parent, you do not want your kids taking medicine every day.  You are unhappy because the medicine causes your kids not feeling well, even they seems like a normal kids now. As a parent, you might also scare your kids will addicted into the Ritalin or Addreall because it had been listed as drugs by the WHO. Maybe you are happy with the result of the western medicine but wondering, is it have another best choice for your kids. Here is it! I would like to tell you a good treatment for ADD kids.

I had bring my child – Tom to the treatment. It do really works. Before this Tom cannot concentrate when people talking to him and scoring also very low in the class. The teacher ask me to send him to a specialist doctor to run some test. They guess Tom is ADD kids! People around me did not know any of the specialist for ADD, so I have no choice I surf the web and found a specialist in this area.

After a lot of complicated test, the doctor diagnosed Tom is ADD. The doctor gave me some medicine, the name is Ritalin. He ask me to feed my boy two tablet a day. I saw my boy sitting in the reading room and reading book and doing the homework that the teacher gave to him. But Tom eat less after he taking the Ritalin. He told me he can’t sleep at night sometimes. I guess it was the side effect of the Ritalin but not sure for that. After a week, doctor increased to 4 tablets a day for Tom. I told the doctor that my sons no appetite to eat and not sleeping at night after taking Ritalin. Doctor said, it is common side effect for ADD kids after taken Ritalin. Side effect that can’t avoid ! After that, the doctor keep increase the Ritalin after my son told him the Ritalin is not working. Two year passed, my son looks smaller and thinner than other same age kids.

My husband and I think, our son should have to do some changes. So we seek for another treatment that is good for Tom, effective and useful. After a few months, we decide to meet Chinese Master. He has a lot of ADD or ADHD patient.

I bring my son – Tom to meet Chinese Master. Chinese Master used Neuro Acupuncture, Herbal medicine, Diet, and game treatment for Tom. The treatment is not very expensive, if you compared it with the western medicine you buy every month. Tom starts the Intensive treatment on that day. Tom still taking the Ritalin but I reduce the tablet that he take slowly.


Neuro Acupuncture / Herbal Medicine – Attention Deficit Disorder Brain Powder for Kids

The first time I bring Tom to meet Chinese Master, Chinese Master suggest The Tole neuro acupuncture. I was wondering the needle will hurt my boy’s brain or not. Chinese Master promise that the acupuncture will help a lot for the brain cells and no hurt. After a little discuss with my husband, I agree for the acupuncture treatment.

When Chinese Master starts insert needles into Tom’s scalp, Tom sits on his chair. After that, Tom are allow to running around and playing with other child in the clinic.

Chinese Master gave some Brain Powder for Tom. Chinese Master blended the Herbal Medicine become The Tole Brain Powder. Tom takes the brain powder every day.

Diet Treatment / Game Treatment

Tom playing card game and puzzle during treatment with other kids and sometimes play with Chinese master when he is free. (Chinese Master is a warm doctor, isn’t?). Chinese Master told me the puzzle game and card games can help Tom to learn focus and stay still.

Before I leave the clinic, Chinese Master gave me diet food list. He keep remind me to avoid the food that wrote in the list. Avoid the food can help to reduce the symptoms.

After few weeks, Tom can concentrate longer when study. A month later, teacher told me that Tom are highly concentrate in the class without disturb any others friends or teacher. His monthly test result had improved.


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